Donated Services and Equipment

Aqua Sphere

For me the biggest challenge of Ironman 2011 is the swim and Aqua Sphere has provided me with an exceptional wet suit designed in conjunction with leading triathletes and Ironman athletes. It’s streamlined, ultra-light, flexible, warm, and most importantly will help me maximize my performance and get me to T1 in the time I need. I am honored to be supported by Aqua Sphere and will wear this suit into the water with pride.

Wellington City Council Pools

Proudly support my Triathlon Campaign by providing me with Pool access to the many pools in the Wellington area. In addition I am grateful to receive access to the Club Active Gym facilities so I can focus on the strength and stretching aspects of my programme. A big thank you to Jonathan Delich and the team at Wellington City Council Pools.

IronMan NZ

As you all know it has been my dream to complete the Ironman race. To this end, I am extremely grateful to Jan and Janette at IMNZ for allowing me the opportunity to return and successfully live out this dream in Ironman New Zealand 2011.

The Wax Bar

Are proud sponsors having supported me in achieving Ironman 2011 and continue to support me as I head off to the long distance triathlon world championships in Las Vegas, USA.

The Osteopathic Practice

Proudly supported my Ironman Campaign by providing me with support services. I received treatment that restored my body from the hammering I gave it each week. I can recommend the wonderful people at The Osteopathic Practice to both athletes and non athletes alike. A big thank you to Jin Ong and the team at The Osteopathic Practice.


Where would an iron man be without his bike? A key sponsor to Ironman NZ, Avanti has extended their assistance with the important things within any campaign, equipment. I need to be able to ride as fast as possible and Avanti helps me do that. I am thrilled that Avanti has recognised in me the Ironman spirit of determination and will. Many thanks for the efforts of Nigel and all the staff at Avanti.


Photoespresso proudly support my triathlon campaign as I head off to the long distance world championships in Nevada, USA.

Nicola Martin / Dietician

I receive nutritional advice and support that keeps my energy levels up during the long hours of training that are necessary to complete an Ironman training programme and race from Dietician Nicola Martin. She provides wonderful advise knowing what it takes to complete the Ironman challenge. A big thank you to Nicola.


Thank you to the generous support of all of our sponsors. I couldn’t have done it without you. Sponsorship is a key component in enabling an athlete of any ability to reach some of the higher sporting goals. Providing support for some of the events and the equipment needed to achieve in those events, is beyond the meager pockets of most athletes. For disabled athletes, it can be even more challenging.