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Post IMNZ 2011 Report

IMNZ has been ticked off the list, and I’m very glad about that, it was a big target looming on the horizon for a long time, we had been building up to it for 12 months, since the last attempt, no need to go over what happened at IM 2010, and its great to have the pressure of that goal achieve and ticked off the list.

It was a strange feeling to come home after all that pressure had been lifted, half of me wanted to get straight back into the training, while the other half of me on Monday / Tuesday of the post IM week was feeling a bit flat.

The post race week is a weird week, the week before is such a huge week, and there is such a massive release on race day that to feel a bit flat on Monday is natural. Lynley has me on total rest, although I am doing walks when my legs get really in need of a work out.

I know that come April things will start up again, I’m expecting a decision about whether we can go up to Kona this year at that time, and my back up plan is to go to Long Distance World Champs in Vegas if Kona cannot happen, so I will definitely be training through the winter.

I’m making the most of the rest time right now, as I know it will run out sooner or later and the training will be much more intense than last year. In the words of Mike Reilly; “If you think you’re training enough for Kona…your not!!”

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