Winning the Head Game

This week my swim coach said something that has stuck with me, he said I should allow myself to celebrate the successes I have in the pool. It stuck with me for a couple of reasons.

As a para athlete I have always pushed myself harder,expected more of myself. And it stuck with me because of something that was said to me as a child I remember being told to never settle with what you have, always strive to improve. My coach has invested a huge amount in my success, I push myself harder for my own reasons but I am also very grateful for the efforts that he puts in to me personally that will allow me to swim faster and achieve my goals.

I also wonder if I was less focused on the minute details of each performance, scrutinising each performance in detail and focused more on the big picture whether my performance would improve. This week we have a time trial, its something we do regularly to measure performance. I will be looking at my performance to see whether I improve but this time I will allow myself to feel good about my swim.

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