Crunch Time in the Training Cycle

It’s getting to be crunch time in the training cycle from now till the half ironman. Records need to be beaten in the pool and big weeks are needed from now. I’ve worked all year to get to this point and I feel confident that I came come up with the numbers on the day.

I’m working with my swim coach, Ali right now on being able to make the most from my kick to create more speed in the pool. When I take the pull buoy (which is a foam flotation device) out and swim in the pool it feels like I’m sinking and not going fast, I’ve been thinking about that sinking feeling and I’m sure its connected to the fact that I had a bad introduction to swimming. I went from not swimming at all to learning to swim to competing all within the space of one year. I skipped the stage where water is fun and you enjoy being in the water and feel safe. S every now and again when I am unsupported by the pull buoy I feel unsafe, like I’m going to sink.

I’m working with Ali right now on forcing my left leg to do more of the work and making my right leg not over compensate so much. With a smoother kick I should be able to swim even faster and I am already well under cut off time for the Ironman swim, right now.

I have a big swim time trial coming up, it will either be 1500m or 2km, if it’s 1500 I will be expecting to finish in 46 mins and if its a 2km I will expect to finish in 61 mins.

It feels really great to be riding a new set of wheels,a big thanks to Nigel at Avanti. I feel like I am riding faster while exerting less energy which is a great thing. It’s good to feel positive about every ride rather than feeling annoyed about riding a old bike.

My run is coming along really well, I am running for 2 hours comfortably in mixed terrain, up in the Karori hills, which is more of a challenge than on the pavement for sure.

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