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IM Training Camp at Taupo

The following is an outline of my Anniversary Weekend up at Taupo, it was a wet weekend of hard training, although it did stay dry for the long bike, which I was glad about.

IM Camp Diary Taupo Wellington Anniversary Weekend 2011
Swim 40 mins
• Felt anxious in water restricted in stroke
• Sighting better / developed with practice
• Swam well into the chop
• Very windy conditions, not pleasant swim conditions

• Friday night sleep uncomfortable, woke up with sore lower back, felt this in Saturday morning swim

• 1hr swim
• Again water not very nice to swim in
• Had difficulties with breathing / relaxing
• Had an ‘emotional moment’ when the negative thoughts took over, wasn’t able to recover that moment and carry on
• Did finish the swim as planned

• 6 hr bike
• 2 laps IM course
• Most pleased with nutrition strategy
• Eating went well, as did drinking, need to get a more stable / safe eating / drinking platform
• Turned around on 2nd lap at Broadlands, total distance 160km

• 3omin run
• Felt springy, for the run, very pleased about that
• Ran to Rainbow Point – return
• Negative splitted run
• Slept much better, changed beds for Sat night, no lower back pain
• 3hr run – 2 laps IM course
• Started out too fast 5:25 pace, dropped back to 6min pace, should have started out 6min pace then increased to 5:25 on 2nd lap
• Great idea to refill bottles with flat coke, very nice to drink something different
• Quads felt fine after run, almost unstressed, hamstrings/ gluts were blasted
• Stretching after LR good to ease tension, legs still stiff on Monday

• Swim IM course
• Used techniques talked with lynley about to relax pre swim, 10 big breaths
• When in water took more breaths to further relax
• Felt relaxed in water, breathing was good
• Water was rough, lake was tidal and southerly, head wind, tough swim
• Turned round at ½ IM turn

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