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A Typical Weeks Training over the Last Two Months

This is a typical 7 day cycle for me over the last 2 months since Christmas, it represents how much training I have been doing over that period

Rest Day….. Yay!!!!!

Squad Swim Kilbirnie
I had a great swim, I felt snappy at squad, which is nice, the 25m is always good to swim in, we were swimming 100s all the time I only have 10sec rest in between so I don’t get much rest which builds my endurance.

I had a great class, I had an amazing adrenalin rush in the last 10 sec of class, it was incredible, like I used to get running, it was really nice to get it again,

We swam 200s again I only had 10s rest, we swam at 9,7,9 intensity I felt really good in the 50m which was unusual, I don’t feel comfortable in that pool usually so that was an improvement

Sea swim
I did Fountain Laps, my first lap was a bit scratchy, I was getting warmed up, but the second lap felt really good, I was comfortable and stretching out, my breathing had settled down and was comfortable, I felt under control and it all felt good and strong.

Long ride, 6:21 170km My nutrition was well planned and executed, we rode to the top of the Aka’s then to the plateau and over Blue Mountain’s Road and back into town and home via Lyall Bay, my hydration strategy was a bit off as I lost water going out of town . The run off the bike felt the same as in Taupo, my legs felt zippy, which was unusual, I was expecting them to be more deadened, I’m pleased with that though at this stage of the season.

Split run, 2 hrs in the morning I ran down to Owhiro Bay around to Island bay over to the top of Buckley Road, then down via the hockey stadium through Beremphore and up through Kingston Heights and back home. I had a recovery over lunch and then ran for an hour after lunch back to Kingston heights down through the golf course to Beremphore and back up to Kingston heights and up to home via the Ridgeway.
My legs felt good on the second run right up till the last 10 mins, when they blew up, but that is to expected really, I was impressed with how the legs went on the weekend,

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