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IMNZ 2011: Run

The run is the last discipline of the Ironman, people say that the Ironman proper starts on the 2nd lap of the run, I can say that that is defiantly true.

My 1st lap was comfortable, I ran probably a little too fast. I listened to a seminar by a coach, Jon Ackland, who said start the run at the speed you plan to finish, so my speed was too fast in reality.

I had amazing support from my team and people I have trained with, people I know through Ironman,people I don’t know!!, all throughout the run it seemed that every few metres someone would should out support which was amazing for my personal motivation on the 2nd lap,

Adam decided he would pace me on the 2nd lap, my legs weren’t in the best of shape, I was doing more of the walk than run, but I was totally line focused and the line was pulling me in regardless. We had some special moments together in the last 15km of lap 2, moments that neither of us will forget.

Adam left me to finish the last 1km by myself, I ran the last km,he said “you might not remember a thing about the last 5km, but you will remember forever the last 100m”

I remember entering the finish shoot, there was no one there, I had it all to my self, I ran down the shoot, it was dark, there were light and TV camera lights at the end, I ran toward the lights, as I ran toward the light the magical voice of Mike Reilly became clear:

“…Nick Ruane…. You are an IRONMAN…”

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