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IMNZ 2011: Bike

The weather (rain!!!) would prove to be constant during the ride, it only stopped during a 10 min period on lap 1, that’s during a 7 hour ride. There was so much water on the road that the wheels on occasions were not making contact with the road but were aqua planing.

On lap 1 I saw an ambulance heading out on the bike course, there were a few accidents and many punctures during the day, thankfully none by myself

My nutrition worked well, it was temperature dependant though, meaning it only worked for 5 hours unless it was chilled, so I used a camel bak bags for both laps, the bag for the 2nd lap was kept on ice till I picked it up.

The volunteers out on course were fantastic, when I had to stop to exchange drink bags, the volunteers couldn’t be more helpful, they were all there to help me get away as fast as possible which was great.

My 2nd lap heading out to Reperoa was affected my a headwind, it was slower than the 1st time heading out there, and I was very glad to turn around and receive the tail wing home for the last time for sure with the knowledge that I only had the run to go until I had completed.

When I had completed the Bike I went into T2, at this point I transitioned myself as Adam was on course waiting for me and supporting other athletes. I knew I had plenty of time for the run and wanted to get myself ready to run so I took a few minutes extra in transition.

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