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Changing Destinations – the vision remains the same

Well the last couple of months since IMNZ 2011 have been challenging for me, to be not training has actually been harder than to be in training, some mornings I woke up and felt like I had nothing to do and missed training, going to the pool for squad, getting on the bike, going for [...]


The Year Ahead

Well, I’ve had three weeks off to relax, eat and drink and soak up the amazing day that was the 6th March, and reflect up how much hard work it took to get there, also how much support I have received from all the people around me to get me there as well, so thank [...]


Post IMNZ 2011 Report

IMNZ has been ticked off the list, and I’m very glad about that, it was a big target looming on the horizon for a long time, we had been building up to it for 12 months, since the last attempt, no need to go over what happened at IM 2010, and its great to have [...]


IMNZ 2011: Run

The run is the last discipline of the Ironman, people say that the Ironman proper starts on the 2nd lap of the run, I can say that that is defiantly true. My 1st lap was comfortable, I ran probably a little too fast. I listened to a seminar by a coach, Jon Ackland, who said [...]


IMNZ 2011: Bike

The weather (rain!!!) would prove to be constant during the ride, it only stopped during a 10 min period on lap 1, that’s during a 7 hour ride. There was so much water on the road that the wheels on occasions were not making contact with the road but were aqua planing. On lap 1 [...]


IMNZ 2011: Swim

This was the biggest race of my life to date for sure, I had all the pressure on my shoulders that I was placing myself to exit the swim plus the expectation of the people present on race day and within the team.

The Taper; so close to the race, an up and down time

The taper, is a time when my huge training load of 30-30 hours a week is cut back to almost nothing by race week, so you would think that I would be pleased about that, right? But last week I was feeling the lowest of lows, and this week the highest of highs, Lynley, (Coach) [...]


The Swim of the Season

Last Thursday I had my big Time trial in the pool, I was always going to swim a long Time trial, the full Ironman distance, 3.8km. I swam the distance in 2hrs 8mins, which was 12 mins under the cut off time for the Ironman. Both I and my coach Ali were really pleased with [...]


A Typical Weeks Training over the Last Two Months

This is a typical 7 day cycle for me over the last 2 months since Christmas, it represents how much training I have been doing over that period


IM Training Camp at Taupo

The following is an outline of my Anniversary Weekend up at Taupo, it was a wet weekend of hard training, although it did stay dry for the long bike, which I was glad about.

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